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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

The 100th Anniversary of Fort Defiance

For many years, Lloyd V. Tuttle contributed historic photos and information to the Defiance Crescent-News for his column: "A Backward Glance."  The following articles were dated October 24, 1963 and October 31,1963.

"Aug. 7, 8, 9, 1894, when Defiance celebrated the 100th anniversary of Fort Defiance, one of the features of the observance was the restoration of the fort as it was when established by Gen. Anthony Wayne in 1794.

It had been a log fort and farmers, individuals, organizations and business firms sponsored logs to go into the restoration.  The logs were cut from the extensive forests that still existed in northwestern Ohio in 1894.  All together, 553 logs were donated.

The blockhouses and barricades were restored in exact duplicate of the old fort that stood there in 1794.  John H. Kiser, of the firm of Corwin and Kiser, was superintendent of construction.

After the centennial, the blockhouse stood on the fort ground for several years, but there were vandals those days, same as today, and they had to be torn down.  All that remains now are the embankments.

An interesting souvenir book was published during the centennial.  It contained a complete history of Fort Defiance and a list of the donors of the logs that were used to restore the old fort.  It was edited by William Carter and Henry G. Baker.

The picture is the work of Winters Bros., artists, Paulding.  It was loaned by Edward S. Bronson, who furnished the information."

"In 1894, when Defiance celebrated the 100th anniversary of Fort Defiance, the original fort was restored.  The log blockhouses and escarpments were built in every detail.  The above picture shows how Fort Defiance actually looked.

The blockhouses stood for a number of years, when it was found necessary to raze them because of vandalism.

The picture was taken by Winter Bros., Paulding, Ohio, and furnished by Edward S. Bronson."

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