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Friday, January 5, 2018

Lewis D. Renollet - Bishop Post, G.A.R.

Born in Germany, Lewis Daniel Renollet immigrated in childhood to the United States.  Born January 14, 1830 to parents, Paul and Mary, his first appearance found in the census was in 1850.  At that time, the family lived in Pleasant Township, Henry County, Ohio.  Lewis, 19, was the oldest child at home with his siblings, Paul, 17; Catharine, 11 (the first child born in the U.S.), Mary, 7; Sophia, 5; and Daniel, 2.

In 1857, Lewis (L.D.) was married to Katherine Klein (Catherine Kline, Cline) on August 12, 1857.  The couple lived in Emerald Township, Paulding County - Lewis D. Renolet, 29 and Catherine, 20, with child, Mary J, 2, according to the 1860 census.  Paul Renollet, Lewis's brother, lived with them and probably helped on the farm.  Lewis's real estate was valued at $1500. 

By the time he enlisted in the 182nd Regiment, Company D, he and Katherine were the parents of four children.  He enlisted at the age of 34 on February 22, 1865, for one year.  He met up with the 182nd Ohio in Tennessee and was mustered out on July 7, 1865, the end of the war.  When he came home, the family remained in Paulding County, where they were enumerated again in the 1870 census.  The children named then were Mary J., 11; Ellen, 9; Irvin P., 7; Frank M.; and Melia, 3.  His brother, Paul, lived one farm away.

 The Lewis D. Renollet family was settled on Perry Street in Defiance by the time the enumerator came around in 1880.  Lewis, born Prussia, 48, and Catharine, born Bavaria, 39, were joined by their eight children still at home.  Added in the past ten years were Lewis D., 10; Levi W., 7; Edward T., 5, and Earle L., 2.
Father Lewis had given up farming and now worked at one of the local flour mills.

The sons of Lewis D. Renollet.  This photo was located on a public family tree on ancestry.com.
Sadly, in 1909, the youngest son, Earl Lorenzo, passed away. His obituary appeared in the Defiance Crescent News on March 5, 1909.

 The last census in which Lewis appeared was in 1910. He and Catharine lived at 1023 Harrison Street in Defiance with their daughter, Lillian, single and 29, and a grandson, Theo, 18.  Sometime between 1910 and 1918, Lewis was sent to the Soldiers and Sailors Home in Sandusky, Ohio, for his care.  He was 88 years old when he died there and was brought back to Paulding County for his burial in Renollet Cemetary.

(This is part of a series on Civil War veterans of Defiance County who were part of the G.A.R., Bishop Post, that headquartered in the city.  Formed in 1879, the post was named after a local man, Captain William Bishop, Company D, 100th Regiment, Ohio Volunteer Army who died as a result of wounds received in battle.  The veterans' photos are part of a composite photo of members that has survived.  If you have other information or corrections to add to the soldiers' stories, please add to the comments!)

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