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Friday, May 18, 2018

Vacation and a Summer Schedule 2018

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This blogger will be on vacation for a couple weeks, starting May 21st, with new posts resuming around June 11th.  

Then in the summer, expect one post a week as things slow down and we all can enjoy beautiful weather.

Pioneer Marriages in Defiance, Ohio - 1850

Related imagePioneer Marriages Recorded
in the Probate Court of
Defiance, Ohio - 1850

as reported in the 
Defiance Democrat, 
March 13, 1884 

January 2d - Fordis H. Conkey and Lucinda M. Ayres
January 3d - Jacob Miller and Elizabeth Richards
January 3d - Perry C. Baldwin and Jane Starkweather
January 6th - John E. Blue and Mary Wallace
January 19th - Alpheus F. Foot and Rebecca Hartwell
January 27th - Adam Schatz  and Margaret Troeger
January 30th - William McDonald and Sarah Mannell
January 31st - John M. Brown and Sally Ann Coburn

February 6th - David Dickensheets and Margaret A. Thacker
February 6th - Samuel Hill and Eliza Whetstone
February 7th - Benjamin B. Woodcox and Mary E. Southworth
February 24th - Frederick Slough and Huldah J. Mullican
February 24th - Thomas Graham and Catherine Cummings
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 March 3d - Harmon Edings and Margaret P. Witherill
March 7th - Sanford Hulbert and Clarissa Day
March 15th - John Boyles and Lydia Kimball
March 25th - Rev. D. W. Veher and Lucinda C. Haller

April 7th - John Grant and Rebecca Sanford
April 7th - Frederick Spangler and Hannah Mace
April 16th - Mathias Schulienberger and Margaret Lindel
April 28th - Joseph Webb and Susannah Clow

May 5th - John Brainard and Margaret Brown
May 5th - Daniel W. Wilson and Elizabeth Davis
May 9th - Stephen Karnes and Lucinda Knayp
May 9th - George P. Winbigler and Rhoda Ann Varniman
May 21st - Ephraim A. Greenler and Didamia Darne
May 26th - Adam Dull and Amelia Campbell

June 4th - George Bruner and Chloe F. Barnum
June 6th - John Markel and Lucinda Hill
June 16th - Abraham Clow and Maria Hicks

July 4th - Daniel Fribley and Mary Jane Scott
July 4th - Gideon Hoadly and Elizabeth Gilbarts
July 7th - Lewis Hurly and Sarah Babcock
July 14th - Lewis Greice and Susannah McDorman
July 22d - Silas Albright and Susan Sabins

Image result for vintage rosesAugust 6th - Jarvis Mead and Minerva Knip
August 8th - John Campbell and Mary Dull
August 8th - George W. Flint and Mary Davis
August 13th - James Sprague and Margaret Grogg

September 5th - Robert Mortimore and Mary Gardner
September 12th - Henry Battershell and Rebecca Glow
September 15th - Robert P. Crossland and Alyira Merrihugh
---- 27th - Thomas B. Porter and Fanny M. Blackman
----27th - Deloss Morse and Eliza A. Zeller

 October 3d - Alfred Elkins and Elizabeth Bluce
October 15th - George C. Armstrong and Mary Plattor
October 15th - Cornelius C. Sawyer and Elizabeth Wartenbee
October 15th - James B. Healy and Rebecca Garman
October 20th - John Wartenbee and Sarah Sawyer
October 25th - Joseph M. Hughes and Margaret Quinn

November 5th - Phillip G. Arnold and Jane F. Flemming
November 7th - George Holmes and Frederieka Landmann
November 6th - Abraham Battenburg and Sarah Perry
November 7th - Thomas Gordon and Mary Ann Blair
November 7th - Gilbert B. Scoville and Mary E. Callender
November 10th - Job Mansfield and Eliza Skiver
November 10th - Daniel A. Cornish and Amey Rice
November 12th - Edward Fiddler and Malvina McMahon
November 16th - John Troeger and Catherine Schall
November 21st - Otho Colleir (Collier?) and Elizabeth A. Kepler
November 28th - Harmon D. Travis and Mary Ann Armstrong

December 1st - John Andrews and Ann E. Shirley
December 1st - John ruth and Margaret Hinsborn
December 5th - Peter Bryan and Jane Sanford
December 8th - Harrison Jenkins and Emily Fickle
December 17th - Conrad Lang and Catherine Hichner
December 22d - James Hill and Rachel Ritchhart

*Remember that these records are from a newspaper, so the original source, found in probate court, should be checked for accuracy. 

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Pioneer Marriages in Defiance, Ohio - 1849

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 recorded in the Defiance Probate Court
as reported in the Defiance Democrat, March 13, 1884

January 4th - John W. Davis and Ann Eliza Ellen Evans

February 2d - Silas Burrell and Louisa Hoffman
February 5th - Francis Raymer and Martha Gardner
February 8th - Samuel A Moore and Harriet M. Barnum
February 11th - Richland Morris and Aberdine Moninger

March 1st - George W. Lowry and Rachael Barnhart
March 15th - Samuel Pottert and Mary Ana McCauley
March 22d - Peter Young and Martha Clow
March 25th - Phillip Bellinger and Margaret Wilson
March 25th - William Sherman and Chloe Ann Benner 
March 25th - Frederick Haymaker and Eliza Ann Brittenbaugh

April 1st - Daniel Kleer and Lucinda Landis
April 5th- Casper Ginter and Ann Campbell
April 15th - Reuben Carpenter and Hannah Brieklew
April 23d - Thomas Haley and Ann Minnehan

May 17th - Leander C. Noble and Laura Biglow
May 23d - Phillip Knisely and Lydia Fellow
May 27th - Philip Stark and Elizabeth Bremer
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June 2d - John Bates and Barbara Kisling
June 16th - William Bale and Matilda Britton
June 17th - John Q. Ginter and Mary M. Boyle
June 21st - James Gordon and Sarah J. Woodcox
June 21st - Josiah J. Mullican and Hannah Gordon
June 24th - Tracy I. Watt and Sarah Washburn
June 28th - James Harper and Gracy A. Hively

July 29th - John Findeis and Catherine Dietsch

August 21st - Elijah Troxel and Eliza Justus
August 23d - David Justus and Elizabeth I. Collins
August 30th - Thomas Reid and Joanna Brown

September 2d - William E. Enos and Esther M. Wasson
September 23d - Samuel Neer and Sarah M. Figley

October 4th - Zachary Coffman and Emeline Osborn
October 4th - Finley Britton and Margaret Gardner
October 10th - William P. Seyon and Ann M. McCurdy 
October 16th - John R. Deardorf and Mary Heatly
October 25th - Thomas Churchman and Elizabeth Sullivan
October 28th - Wendlin Bowman and Elizabeth Rath
October 31st - Joseph Stoy and Rebecca Kintner

November 11th - James H. Partee and Rebecca Bernard
November 30th - John Richards and Catherine A. Miller

December 2d - Ephraim James Burnet and Lydia Walker
December 6th - Martin Thrall and Ellen M. Barney
December 8th - Smith Gilbert and Mary Long
December 13th - Anson Fields and Emily Grandy
December 15th - Elias Gleason and Keziah Decker
December 20th - Samuel Sporgen and Elizabeth Colwell
December 27th - Aaron W. Allen and Eliza P. Ryan 

 *Remember that these records are from a newspaper, so the original source, found in probate court, should be checked for accuracy.

Monday, May 14, 2018

Pioneer Marriages in Defiance, Ohio - 1848

Image result for vintage rosesPioneer Marriages in
Defiance, Ohio - 1848

as recorded in the
Defiance Democrat
on March 13, 1884 

January 6th - Nelson Stone and Laura M. Crary
January 11th - William Allen and Betsey Brownler 
January 18th - Adam Mortimer and Sally Gardner
January 20th - John J. Shirley and Lucinda J. Pefly
January 21st - Hager G. Luce and Harriet Daggett

February 2d - George Weissnar and Charlotte Lee
February 5th - Thomas J. Little and Phebe Todd
February 10th - Lyman Chapman and Hanna Rice
February 10th - William H. Hollinger and Louisa Rose

March 6th - Esquire D. Barber and Sally Swanke
March 14th - John Julius Kuhn and Rachael Bixby
March 15th - John Johnson and Marcia Hulbert
March 16th - William Potts and Sabrina Hopkins

April --th - William D. Haymaker and Elmira Brancher
April 12th - James W. Kimball and Arvilla Stone
April 13th - William R. Evans and A. Minerva Root
April 20/29?th - Eli B. Evans and Jane E. Slocu
April 20th - John C. Woodward and Mary A. Evans
April 20th - Adam Shock and Elizabeth Frieze

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 May 12th - John Thacker and Elizabeth Brechbill
May 18th - William Gordon and Sarah Jane Plattor
May 18th - Lorenzo D. Hall and Mary Ann Wines
May 21st - Henry Wells and Ellen J. Coleman
May 22d - David C. Cary and Sarah L. Talbot
May 22d - Frederick J. Miller and Margaret Gardner
May 28th - Samuel Hilbert and Mary Ginter

June 1st - Timothy Kimmell and Elvira Sweet
June 7th - Andrew J. Ketham and Lena A. Campbell
June 8th - Samuel M. McCord and Lavina Taylor

August 20th - David Campbell and Phebe Ann Brillien

September 9th - James Rose and Orpha Wood
September 10th - Solomon Kitch and Susan Benner
September 23d - Henry N. Stites and Rebecca Clark

October 8th - Jason A. Carman and Clarissa Heatly
October 12th - Dietrich Graper and Nancy Wells
October 25th - James Hayles and Caroline Keen
October 26th - Michael Wank and Ava Lintz
October 29th - Elan G. Fay and Cynthia Haymaker
October 29th - Levi Donley and M. Alvira Hoagland

November 2d - James A. Partee and Eliza M. Woods
November 5th - John Kilian Hoberger and Mina Heroid
November 9th - William Yorkey and Catherine Wirts
November 12th - Peter Bremer and Madalina Slagal
November 28th - Gideon Merihue and Diana Daggett
November 30th - James Gardner and Susan Miller

December 3d - John Mason Jr. and Mary T. Hudson
December 3d - Alfred Elkins and Elizabeth McAnally
December 8th - James Johnson and Elizabeth -?-
December 14th - Jacob Wanke and Elizabeth Collins
December 17th - Isaac Kochel and Elizabeth Black
December 28th - Calvin Crocker and Nancy Partee
December 28th - Daniel Cheyney and Sarah Immell
December 29th - William Wilson and Lydia Hess

*Remember that these records are from a newspaper, so the original source, found in probate court, should be checked for accuracy. 

Friday, May 11, 2018

W. P. A. Cemetery Survey - Clinker Cemetery, Tiffin Township

The Works Progress Administration was formed by Franklin Delano Roosevelt in reaction to the Great Depression as a means of employing Americans and stimulating the economy.  Established in 1935, one of the projects of the W.P.A. was to conduct Historical Records Surveys, one of which included finding information on cemeteries and the graves of veterans.  The W.P.A. was disbanded in 1943, but the historical information provided on these surveys continue to be of interest and are, thankfully, preserved.

In this series, some of the general surveys of Defiance County cemeteries will be shared, transcribed as written with a few punctuation and/or spelling changes for readability.  The surveys were probably done around 1936.

*When surveyed, the reporters placed Clinker Cemetery in Washington Twp. 
It is actually in TIFFIN TOWNSHIP

Clinker Cemetery

1. Name of cemetery:
The Clinker Cemetery, connected with the Olive Branch Church across the road.

2. Location, how reached:
On route #15 at the bridge over Mud Creek, seven miles northwest of Defiance, Ohio, reached by route #15 from Defiance, Ohio.

3. Name and address of caretaker:
Washington (Tiffin) Township Trustees and by members of the Olive Branch Church. 

4. General description, size, appearance,denomination, fencing, etc.:
 Situated on a hill on the south bank of Mud Creek.  It is fenced in with ordinary wire, has an implement shed, is well shaded with oak trees and contains much evergreen shrubbery.  It is laid out in lots.  The grounds are well kept for a country graveyard.  The Olive Branch Evangelical Church stands across the road from the cemetery.  It contains three acres.

Photo from www.findagrave.com
5. Name and date of first burial recorded:
John Hamill, 1851

6. Names of important persons buried here, for what noted:
John Ury, an early settler, who died in 1853, is probably the most important, being the great grandfather of the Urys now located in Defiance and grandfather of Dr. John Ury, a Captain in the World War who gave his life during the Flu Epidemic in 1918.
Other known people are the Agenbroads, Siscos, Kuhns, the Camerons, all old pioneers of this district.

7. Markers of unusual appearance:  None

8. Unusual epitaphs: None

9. Is cemetery used for new burials?  Yes.

Topic #624
Defiance County
District #13
C.Cadwallader and C.Gish, Reporters
Consultant: Abram Smith, Defiance, Ohio 

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Mark Center High School, 1909 - 1910

SEATED, L to R: 
Eva Huber
Helen Haver
Cecelia Walker
Susie Rohn
Lillie Burd
 Fern Wagner

MIDDLE, L to R: 
Lillian Doda
 Wandas Wheeler
 Ethel Lobdell
 William Walker - Principal 
Goldie Lovejoy
 Goldie Walker
Myrtle Balser

TOP, L to R: 
Victor Balser
 Lloyd Edgar
 Clarence Wonderly
Clyde Spindler
 Henry Gecowets
 Henry Brinck
(One name missing.) 

Monday, May 7, 2018

The Maroon Athletic Club, 1927

For many years, Lloyd V. Tuttle contributed historic photos and information to the Defiance Crescent-News for his column: "A Backward Glance."  This article appeared in the newspaper on Tuesday, September 17, 1963.

"One of the winning football teams in the history of Defiance athletics was the Maroon Athletic Club. 

The picture, which was loaned by S. D. Sproul, 1959 Colwell Drive, was taken in 1927, but the club had been playing winning games several years before that.  They played all over northwestern Ohio and parts of Indiana and turned in victories often.

Pictured are, from left, front row:
S. D. Sproul, Floyd Plumb, Paul Kern, Cy Marrihugh, Don Slough, John Ellsworth, Unidentified, Eugene Smith, John Stonebraker, Elmer Merz.
Middle Row: Ike Maddocks, Roy Michenfelder, Rudy Wilhelm, Fritz Schmitt, Frank McKellips, John Yeager, 'Buck' Krill, Orland Yeager; and back row, Ralph Imber, Unidentified, Byron Sproul, Bill Wirick, Everitt Roehrig, Miller, and Albert Hurtt."

Thursday, May 3, 2018

From the Marckel Scrapbook - Andrew J. Carpenter and Jessie B. VanHorn

 From the Marckel Scrapbook...


“Died at his home, 6 miles northeast of Angola, Ind., Nov. 17, 1909,aged 57 years, 7 months and 17 days.  The cause of his death was heart disease.  He was born April 30, 1852 in Holmes county, near Bloomfield, and was the son of Thomas and Sobriety Carpenter.  A little over a year after his birth, his parents moved to Defiance county and settled on a farm three miles north of Defiance which was a wilderness at that time..  

Through many years of hard labor, they built them a beautiful home and this is where the subject of this sketch grew to manhood and as time went by, he became acquainted with Miss Frances Elizabeth Lehman, the daughter of Henry and Mary Lehman.  They were united in marriage Dec. 22, 1873.  A short time after their marriage, he bought a farm five miles north of Defiance, where he lived for 28 years.

He sold his farm and moved to Steuben county, Ind., Oct. 2, 1901, to the farm where he lived till God called him to that great beyond.  To their union was born 13 children, 6 of whom died in their infancy.  Mrs. Mina V. Goddard died Feb. 15, 1906.  He leaves to mourn his departure a wife, two sons and four daughters, Henry A. Carpenter, of Angola; Mrs. Minnie Patten, of Jewell; Mrs. Estella Doudt of Orlan, Ind.; and Dilla Lauretta and Floyd Carpenter, all at home; also 6 grand children, 5 brothers and 1 sister and a host of friends. 

He was a kind husband and affectionate father, and a worthy, honest, upright citizen.  Always looking on the bright side of everything, he bore his sufferings with great patience and forbearance, and was cheerful to the last.  The funeral service was preached by Rev. John Flory, of Defiance.”


“Jessie Bell Van Horn, eldest daughter of Mrs. Emma McCullough, died Thursday afternoon at 4 o’clock at Toledo hospital the result of an operation for peritonitis.  She had been in ill health for about six weeks.  The deceased was born in Defiance October 8, 1879 and was therefore 29 years of age.  All her life was spent in Defiance.

She was united in marriage in 1899 at the close of the Spanish war to Harry Van Horn to which union one son, Robert, aged 8, was born.  In addition to husband and son, she is survived by mother, Mrs. Emma McCullough of the city, two brothers, Robert and George of the city, and four sisters, Mrs. P. L. Schlosser of Toledo, Mrs. W. D. Beardsley and Helen and Mae McCullough of this city.

The deceased was a member of Grace Episcopal church and leaves a large circle of friends to mourn her departure.  The funeral arrangements have not yet been made but the services will be private and will be probably held Sunday.”

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Edwin N. Cory - Civil War Soldier Buried in Farmer Cemetery

Noah Edwin Cory was a long time resident of Farmer Township, although he was born in New York state.  By the 1860 census, he lived in Farmer Township with his parents, A. and Eliza and his siblings, Henry, Lucinda, Melvin, Ambrose, Orley, John and Nathan.  Noah was the oldest at home at the time.  With them lived Albert Cory and his wife, Ann, and their children: George, James and Eugene.  Mary Whittington, 61, was also in the home.  It was a full house!

Called Edwin, he enlisted in Company F, 48th Ohio Regiment on December 4, 1861 and served one year and ten days, until December 17, 1862, according to the 1890 Veterans Census. His unit was in the battle at Shiloh and it was there that Edwin was wounded in the left arm on either the 6th or 7th of April, 1862.  It was a three year term of service, so he was discharged early because of this injury.

In 1863, he married Adelia Nichols and they had just one child, Electa, who married Franklin Beerbower.

In the 1900 census, Noah E. Cory, 61, and his wife, Adelia E, 53, have in their household Electa and her family.  Electa was born in August, 1869, and Franklin, in January, 1862.  They had four children: Howard E, Cora L., Nellie A. and Carrie E.  Both Noah E. and Franklin were listed as farmers, with twelve year old Howard named as a farm laborer.

Noah Edwin Cory died on May 3, 1907. He was a member of the Lew Bowker Post of the G.A.R., Farmer, Ohio.  His obituary appeared in the Bryan Press on May 16, 1907:


Noah E. Cory was born August 26th, 1838, in St. Lawrence county, N. Y., died at his home in Farmer township, May 3rd, 1907.

He moved with his parents to Defiance county, Ohio, in 1849.  He enlisted in December, 1861 to serve his country, was wounded in April, 1862, at the battle of Shiloh and was discharged in September of that same year.

November 1st, 1863 he was married to Adelia Nichols, one child was born to this union.

He leaves bereaved, his widow, one daughter, six grandchildren, one sister and six brothers and many friends."

We wish to extend our sincere thanks to the friends and neighbors who so kindly assisted during the illness and death of our dear husband and father, also Rev. Robertson and the choir who assisted at the funeral, also the friends and W. R. C. for the beautiful flowers.
Mrs. A. C. Cory and Mrs. Electa Beerbower