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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Residents of the Defiance County Children's Home - 1910

Frank Mains, 56, was the Superintendent at the Defiance County Children's Home on April 25, 1910 when the census was taken.  His wife, Amanda, 53, was the Matron.  They had one son, Lemuel, 8, who lived there, as well.
Lousie (probably Louise) Wendt, 21, was the teacher, and Ilo Hull, 16, was the seamstress.

Visit HERE for a photo of the Children's Home in 1915.

The children were called "Inmates" on the census, and there were 17 there on that particular day.

Beerbower, Clarence, 3
Bice, Anna, 1
Cramer, Margret, 4
Davault, Bennie, 6
Davault, Edward, 10
Davault, Elizabeth, 9
Detterer, Herma, 2
Detterer, Stella, 4
Detterer, Theodore, 7 months

Hedreck, Bertha H., 10
Hedreck, Goldie E., 7
Hedreck, Raymond, 9
Heitzwaebel, Donald, 11
Hoskins, Pauline, 9

Johnson, Roger, 6
Johnson, Stella, 8
Koons, Wilber E., 10
Lee, Anna L., 14
Lee, Berry M., 13

Moog, Gerald, 4
Schuck, Hazel H., 4
Schuck, Mary, 2
Sewell, Gertrude, 13
Tyrell, Harry, 12

Webster, Florence, 4
Webster, Mable, 2
Weeks, Clifford H., 11
Weeks, Lenora M., 11

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