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Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Let's Have Some Buckeye Beer

 A Fourth of July Special ...

For many years, Lloyd V. Tuttle contributed historic photos and information to the Defiance Crescent-News for his column, "A Backward Glance."  Defiance has had several breweries in its day, but Tuttle wrote on December 23, 1963, about Buckeye Beer and the bottling company here.

"WITH 70 places selling beer in Defiance back in the old woodworking days when the town's population was about 7000.  There was a large per capita consumption of beer in the community.  The town had a brewery which was large for those days, but it also had a thriving bottling works as shown in the picture.

This plant was located at the southwest corner of Perry and 1st Sts. where the two story building of the Bowden Chevrolet is located. It was operated by the Widmer Brothers.  The picture was taken in 1881.

ON THE SEAT of the horse-drawn wagon is Dan Widmer.  Holding the left horse is John Widmer, and holding the right horse is the brewing company agent (unidentified).  On the seat of the mule drawn wagon is William Dirr, and holding the left mule is Barney Frank.  On the right of the mules on the sidewalk is the dog, Nero.  Standing in the one-horse wagon, back of the mules, is John E. Widmer.  The boy standing on the platform is Alva C. Widmer and the man standing on the platform is Sam Winkler.

The data was furnished by John E. Widmer, Jr.  The picture was brought in by Virgil E. Widmer, 428 Nicholas St."

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