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Friday, May 18, 2018

Pioneer Marriages in Defiance, Ohio - 1850

Related imagePioneer Marriages Recorded
in the Probate Court of
Defiance, Ohio - 1850

as reported in the 
Defiance Democrat, 
March 13, 1884 

January 2d - Fordis H. Conkey and Lucinda M. Ayres
January 3d - Jacob Miller and Elizabeth Richards
January 3d - Perry C. Baldwin and Jane Starkweather
January 6th - John E. Blue and Mary Wallace
January 19th - Alpheus F. Foot and Rebecca Hartwell
January 27th - Adam Schatz  and Margaret Troeger
January 30th - William McDonald and Sarah Mannell
January 31st - John M. Brown and Sally Ann Coburn

February 6th - David Dickensheets and Margaret A. Thacker
February 6th - Samuel Hill and Eliza Whetstone
February 7th - Benjamin B. Woodcox and Mary E. Southworth
February 24th - Frederick Slough and Huldah J. Mullican
February 24th - Thomas Graham and Catherine Cummings
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 March 3d - Harmon Edings and Margaret P. Witherill
March 7th - Sanford Hulbert and Clarissa Day
March 15th - John Boyles and Lydia Kimball
March 25th - Rev. D. W. Veher and Lucinda C. Haller

April 7th - John Grant and Rebecca Sanford
April 7th - Frederick Spangler and Hannah Mace
April 16th - Mathias Schulienberger and Margaret Lindel
April 28th - Joseph Webb and Susannah Clow

May 5th - John Brainard and Margaret Brown
May 5th - Daniel W. Wilson and Elizabeth Davis
May 9th - Stephen Karnes and Lucinda Knayp
May 9th - George P. Winbigler and Rhoda Ann Varniman
May 21st - Ephraim A. Greenler and Didamia Darne
May 26th - Adam Dull and Amelia Campbell

June 4th - George Bruner and Chloe F. Barnum
June 6th - John Markel and Lucinda Hill
June 16th - Abraham Clow and Maria Hicks

July 4th - Daniel Fribley and Mary Jane Scott
July 4th - Gideon Hoadly and Elizabeth Gilbarts
July 7th - Lewis Hurly and Sarah Babcock
July 14th - Lewis Greice and Susannah McDorman
July 22d - Silas Albright and Susan Sabins

Image result for vintage rosesAugust 6th - Jarvis Mead and Minerva Knip
August 8th - John Campbell and Mary Dull
August 8th - George W. Flint and Mary Davis
August 13th - James Sprague and Margaret Grogg

September 5th - Robert Mortimore and Mary Gardner
September 12th - Henry Battershell and Rebecca Glow
September 15th - Robert P. Crossland and Alyira Merrihugh
---- 27th - Thomas B. Porter and Fanny M. Blackman
----27th - Deloss Morse and Eliza A. Zeller

 October 3d - Alfred Elkins and Elizabeth Bluce
October 15th - George C. Armstrong and Mary Plattor
October 15th - Cornelius C. Sawyer and Elizabeth Wartenbee
October 15th - James B. Healy and Rebecca Garman
October 20th - John Wartenbee and Sarah Sawyer
October 25th - Joseph M. Hughes and Margaret Quinn

November 5th - Phillip G. Arnold and Jane F. Flemming
November 7th - George Holmes and Frederieka Landmann
November 6th - Abraham Battenburg and Sarah Perry
November 7th - Thomas Gordon and Mary Ann Blair
November 7th - Gilbert B. Scoville and Mary E. Callender
November 10th - Job Mansfield and Eliza Skiver
November 10th - Daniel A. Cornish and Amey Rice
November 12th - Edward Fiddler and Malvina McMahon
November 16th - John Troeger and Catherine Schall
November 21st - Otho Colleir (Collier?) and Elizabeth A. Kepler
November 28th - Harmon D. Travis and Mary Ann Armstrong

December 1st - John Andrews and Ann E. Shirley
December 1st - John ruth and Margaret Hinsborn
December 5th - Peter Bryan and Jane Sanford
December 8th - Harrison Jenkins and Emily Fickle
December 17th - Conrad Lang and Catherine Hichner
December 22d - James Hill and Rachel Ritchhart

*Remember that these records are from a newspaper, so the original source, found in probate court, should be checked for accuracy. 

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