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Monday, July 17, 2017

John H. Mohr - Bishop Post, G.A.R.

Following the life of John H. Mohr (sometimes Moore) through the censuses was not easy, as the family moved frequently throughout Ohio.  But before the war, in 1860, John H. was 18 and located in Harrison Township, Champaign County, Ohio.  It was there he was listed on the draft registration of 1862:
"John H. Mohr, 20, white, unmarried, farmer, residence, Harrison, Champaign County, O.

John enlisted in Company E, 14th Ohio Infantry.

The connection noted between Kuhl and Mohr is that Henry Kuhl's widow, Ida, became John H. Mohr's second wife. I am guessing that the government didn't let her "double-dip" on the widow's pension.
 Back home in Defiance, he married Mary Marea on May 29, 1883.  On May 26, 1888, he checked into the National Soldiers' Home in Dayton.  By that time, his wife had died.  Their records told us much of John Mohr who reported that he had enlisted on February 8, 1864, in Toledo, and was discharged on July 11, 1865, in Louisville, Kentucky.  Perhaps as a result of the war,he had lost part of a finger on the right hand and the thumb of his left hand.  He was only 45 when he entered the home, and he gave his occupation as plumber and pipe fitter.  John was of fair complexion with gray eyes and brown hair.  He stayed at the home until his discharge on August 8, 1892; the reason for the discharge could not be read.  He was sent to live at 608 Perry Street in Defiance, perhaps with his brother, Joseph.

John moved to Fond du Lac, Wisconsin in about 1895.   In January of  1897, a few months before his second wedding, he decided to have his teeth fixed in Wisconsin and, sure enough, the paper printed the exciting news...the Defiance Express, that is, January 7, 1897:

His second marriage was reported in the Defiance Express, too, even though it took place in Wisconsin - March 11, 1897:

 The couple settled into a rental house at 533 Main Street in Fond du Lac where the census enumerator found them in 1900.  John was 57 then, and Ida was 41.  Ida was a dressmaker and John said he was a railroad engineer who had not been employed for 12 months.  Their marriage was very short-lived, as John died on November 17, 1901, and was buried in Rienzi Cemetery in Fond du Lac.  The tombstone names his military service as Co. B, 107th Ohio Infantry, so perhaps that was at the end of his service or his unit was transferred.  That information could not be found.

A short death notice for John was found in the Defiance Crescent News on November 18, 1901:

Other source indicated the death date was November 17.

(This is part of a series on Civil War veterans of Defiance County who were part of the G.A.R., Bishop Post, that headquartered in the city.  Formed in 1879, the post was named after a local man, Captain William Bishop, Company D, 100th Regiment, Ohio Volunteer Army who died as a result of wounds received in battle.  The veterans' photos are part of a composite photo of members that has survived.  If you have other information or corrections to add to the soldiers' stories, please add to the comments!)

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